All levels from an over the knee glow to a full Singapore Prison caning. Accurate and well paced, delivered by a Master who understands the pleasure of punishment.
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Supple leather, black in colour, strong and powerful. Leather is manly and intrinsically linked to dominance. Many leather bondage devices and outfits.
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Overpowered, hooded and cuffed or restrained from head to foot in tight, constrictive leather, I have the equipment and expertise to fulfill your needs.
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Genuine ex-Britsih Army with issue kit. Combats, fatigues and dress uniform all available. Complete attention to detail with the uniform fetishist in mind.
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Sterile procedure always observed - gleaming implements for deep internal examinations. Professional and impersonal bedside manner from a white-coated doctor.
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Boot boys report for tongue duty. Don't expect to be going anywhere until I can see my face in those boots.
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All of my uniforms (military, police, prison etc) are as real as possible. Attention to detail is all important and helps any scene to really come to life.
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Immersive and totally believable scenarios, you really will be in the moment. Have your darkest fantasies brought to life before your very eyes - be careful what you wish for.
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  Master Kain - ultimate proffesional male dominant  
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  As a genuine ex-soldier with 6 years service and a serious uniform fetish I can make a military scene so real you will be able to
smell the boot-polish and sweat. From Basic Training to interrogations, experience the real thing at my hands.

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